May 1, 2007

The movie

In pursuit of happiness

:) :( :) :D :D :P :(

Apr 25, 2007

The last few movies i watched -

Bheja Fry
In pursuit of Happiness
Old School
Butterfly Effect

trials of the stomach

im doing a project ..on japanese restaurants..that i think is really i get to go eat at other japanese restaurants :)
so payel raves about sushi..and i order shrimp sushi..its kinda gross at first..but i convince myself that its the good life..ands when else will i get a chance like this..and some such crap..and i eat it..
its not half bad u know...
the next morning was bad though..i wont describe what happened here..but u can let yr imagination run riot....

its bad enough that im stuck in delhi - CRAPPY CRAPPY CITY!!! but i also have to suffer the heat!!! i mean..i bought a cooler (it doesnt work).

so the day get bloody hot in the afternoon..its dusty and awful.. and then i wheeze and cough my way through the fall asleep in a sweat at night..
and then...for some strange reason..(i know god is tryin to punish me for some hienous crime i committed in my past life) when i wake up in the morning..i actually feel cold!!! so cold that im forced to drag myself to out of bed at 5 in the morning myself!

my life here sucks..i wanna go home!

Mar 28, 2007

BORAT & 300

well, two movies i saw lately...both hilariously funny in their own way..
let me say at the outset that 300 wasnt meant to be funny , it was meant to be serious, scary, gory and frightening and inspiring al at the same time..
well it wasnt
i mean..if u think that people are going to get scraed by a huge gay guy wearing jewellry and whos done his eyebrows in the funniet way possible, ure deluded.
ure even more deluded if u think his huge army of scary creatures will scare the populace - mean..there are goats in there playing the sarangi for heavens sake!!!

now BORAT! theres a funny movie..its really really hilarious, if u dont mind utter vulgarity, crudity and what borders quite seriously on the verge of being soft porn.
it takes the mickey out of the developing world...and well too..
its a must watch!

as u can see..three posts in one day means that im really bored..


now..its time to get to my favourite post, and a long awaited one at that - COWS

well..i dont know if u know *ref to earlier post* that i belive that cows are out to topple the presidents (i mean all of them, not just the indian one)
i mean they seem placid, and stupid! but when it comes to chasing you, thwey become quite agile, and surprisingly fast..
i mean..there u r..strolling along ..playing with a kit kat yoyo thingy..and suddenly WHAM! ur on top of this muddloed old uncle on a scooter..or how about this..they chase you into closed shutters!!! they do!!! i swear!!!!
the one where they have perfected the technique of braking windshields on Fiat Uno cars is their peice de resistance..i can u not belive me after this!

I dunno

theres lots of stuff i dont know..(this is not to mean that i know lots either..its just a statement that noone should contradict at this point)...but i do have a theory..its one of my pet theories and i hope ull stay and read..

deja vu..all of us have felt it..ive always wondered what it is..
according to me..(and this is out of my own head btw)...we run parallel lives..u know..everytime you make a decision, there is a second, third, fouth, hundredth you out there living the alternative course..
i think deja vu is what happens when these live collide..for me a its a secure feeling..that no matter what decisions i have life would have reached this point anywway..
and hence..i continue to live in ignorance....